Materials Synthesis Department focuses on advanced materials. The aim of our research is to obtain knowledge of materials chemistry for the controlled synthesis of new materials with desirable properties. Materials of interest are nanoparticles, (nano)composites, colloids, magnetic fluids, ceramics for applications in medicine, electronics, chemical technology, biotechnology, ecology, and sensorics.


First annual meeting of Magneliq project at JSI, 14. –15. 10. 2021

Maša Vozlič, MSc Pharmacy, received Prešern’s award of the University of Ljubljana and Krka’s award for her masters research study “The effect of phosphonic coatings on the fluorescent nanoparticles biocompatibility”. The study was partly conducted at our department. Congratulations!

Our colleagues Sebastjan Nemec and Slavko Kralj wrote the article for IJS news about their research.

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