Materials Synthesis Department focuses on advanced materials. The aim of our research is to obtain knowledge of materials chemistry for the controlled synthesis of new materials with desirable properties. Materials of interest are nanoparticles, (nano)composites, colloids, magnetic fluids, ceramics for applications in medicine, electronics, chemical technology, biotechnology, ecology, and sensorics.


The first CrossNano Workshop 23.-25.02.2021

We welcome two new postdocs Stanislav Čampelj and Ali Tufani. They will be working on our new project MAGNELIQ

On-line kick-off meeting of the MAGNELIQ project took place on 12. and 13. 11. 2020. Our new project, “A MAGNETO-ELECTRIC LIQUID – TO SENSE BETTER will combine experimental research and theoretical modelling to develop a, currently not-existing, magneto-electric liquid. New contactless sensor technologies based on magneto-electric liquids will be demonstrated.

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