The focus of our research is directed towards the development of wet-​chemistry routes to multifunctional (magnetic)inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials. The basic ingredients are various types of nanoparticles that are physically or chemically coupled. Examples are magnetic catalysts, magneto-optic and magneto-electric (nano)composites. Nanoparticles are incorporated into various bulk matrices through a careful design of their surface chemistry to make magneto-optic polymers and ferromagnetic liquid crystals. An alternative approach is the synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles, for example, exchange-coupled bi-magnetic nanoparticles, and the synthesis of Janus nanoparticles. We are divided in four research groups: Hybrids and Liquid Ferroics, Magnetic nanoparticles in biomedicine, Magnetic Catalysts and Nanostructural characterisation.