Materials Synthesis Department focuses on advanced materials. The aim of our research is to obtain knowledge of materials chemistry for the controlled synthesis of new materials with desirable properties. Materials of interest are nanoparticles, (nano)composites, colloids, magnetic fluids, ceramics for applications in medicine, electronics, chemical technology, biotechnology, ecology, and sensorics.


Our project NanoFer, Nanodriven ferroic coupling in hexaferrites, was selected for funding in the frame of cooperation between our institute (JSI) and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). NanoFer is one of the five selected projects that will start in 2024. The studies will be led by Layla Martin-Samos (Institute of Materials of the CNR from Trieste) and Darja Lisjak (JSI-K8). Other principal investigators from the JSI are Matic Poberžnik (K3), Hana Uršič (K5), Janez Kovač (F4) and Alenka Mertelj (F7). We are looking for exciting new findings.

Tina Černič, MSc, and Dr. Sebastjan Nemec awarded by the company Krka.

Tina received Krka’s Award for her Master Thesis Vpliv različnih prevlek na raztapljanje fluorescenčnih nanodelcev na osnovi NaYF4 pri fizioloških pogojih / Influence of Different Coatings on Dissolution of NaYF4-Based Fluorescent Nanoparticles under Physiological Conditions accomplished under supervision of Prof. Dr. Darja Lisjak. Sebastjan Nemec received Krka’s recognition for his PhD Thesis Razvoj anizotropnih magnetnih nanodelcev in njihovi magnetno-mehanski učinki v biomedicine / Development of anisotropic magnetic nanoparticles and their magneto-mechanical effects in biomedicine supervised by Asst. Prof. Dr. Slavko Kralj.


We support research in schools. Lana Traven, a student of Gimnazija Novo mesto, performed a research project »Attachment of zwitterions to the fluorescent nanoparticles for medical diagnostics« at our department under the supervision of her school professor Janja Pust and our colleague, Prof. Dr. Darja Lisjak. Lana’s project was awarded by the company Krka and Zveze za tehnično kulturo Slovenije (The Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia).


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